Ymir in Norse Mythology

Ymir – First Primeval Giant

Ymir was the first primeval giant. The frost-giants called him Aurgelmir. Ymir was the first creature created in the universe. Ymir was father of the race of frost-giants. The frost-giants were born from the sweat of his armpits.

First, Ymir was father of six-head giant (unnamed) that was nourished by a giant cow, Audumla. Audumla found nourishment through licking stones. This stone shaped like a man, became the primeval god, named Buri. Buri was the father of another primeval god (or giant) Bor. Bor and Bestla became parents of the 3 gods: Odin, Vili and Ve.

Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve, had killed Ymir. They used his body to create the world (universe). His skull was used to create the heaven and his eyebrows to create Midgard, or Middle Earth, home of the mankind.

Ymir was also the father of Thrudgelmir and the grandfather of Bergelmer.

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