Valkyries in Norse Mythology


Valkyries, in Norse mythology, warrior maidens who attended Odin, ruler of the gods. The Valkyries rode through the air in brilliant armor, directed battles, distributed death lots among the warriors, and conducted the souls of slain heroes to Valhalla, the great hall of Odin. Their leader was Brunhild.

The Vanir are originally a group of wild nature and fertility gods and goddesses, the sworn enemies of the warrior gods of the Aesir. They were considered to be the bringers of health, youth, fertility, luck and wealth, and masters of magic. The Vanir live in Vanaheim.

The Aesir and the Vanir had been at war for a long time when they decided to make peace. To ensure this peace they traded hostages: the Vanir sent their most renowned gods, the wealthy Njord and his children Freya and Freyr. In exchange the Aesir sent Honir, a big, handsome man who they claimed was suited to rule. He was accompanied by Mimir, the wisest man of the Aesir and in return the Vanir sent their wisest man Kvasir.

Honir however, was not as smart as the Aesir claimed he was and it Mimir who gave him advice. The Vanir grew suspicious of the answers Honir gave when Mimir was not around. Eventually they figured out that they had been cheated and they cut Mimir’s head off and sent it back to the Aesir. Fortunately, this betrayal did not lead to another war and all the gods of the Vanir were subsequently integrated with the Aesir. There is not much known about the Vanir of the time before the assimilation.

List of Valkyrie names

Brynhildr (Bright Battle)
Eir (Peace, Clemency, Help, or Mercy)
Geiravor (Spear Vor/Goddess)
Geirdriful (Spear Finger)
Geironul (The one charging forth with the spear)
Geirskogul (Spear Skogul and Skogul. Shaker or High Towering)
Goll (Tumult, or Noise Battle)
Gondul (Wand Wielder)
Gunnr (War or Battle)
Herfjotur (Host Fetter or Fetter of the Army)
Herja (Devastate)
Hildr (Battle)
Hjalmprimul (Helmey Clatterer, or Female Warrior)
Hervor alvitr (All Wise, or Strange Creature)
Hjorprimul (The Sword Warrioress)
Hlokk (Noise, Battle)
Hrist (Shake, Quake, The Quaking one)
Hrund (Pricker)
Kara (The Wild, or Stormy One)
Mist (Cloud or Mist)
Olrun (Ale Rune)
Randgrior or Randgrid (Shield Truce, or Shield Destroyer)
Reginleif (Power Trace, or Daughter of the Gods)
Rota (Sleet and Storm)
Sanngrior (Very Violent, Very Cruel)
Sigrun (Victory Rune)
Skalmoid (Sword Time)
Skeggold (Axe Age)
Skuld (Dept or Future)
Sveid (Vibration or Noise)
Svipul (Changeable)
Togn (Silence)
Trima (Fight)
Thrud (Strength or Power)

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